Take Care

take care

When I am unwell I soldier on, I have 4 young children depending on me daily. I have chores that demand my attention on a daily basis, such as those small children and chickens. Which are extremely demanding, just I don’t like to put my motherly duties on my other children to often. I have to be really ill before I give up and ask for help from my daughters. I thank God that I haven’t been so ill that i needed anyone to step in and do my duties.
I use short cut meals as a once in a while treat, so 90% of my meals are home cooking from scratch. Even though my daughter is a very good cook, I love this part of the day. Which means, I do not intend to give this motherly duty up often. Cooking is a great passion of mine, gourmet cooking especially. So yes, I usually soldier any illness.


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