Might As Well Jump

Might As Well Jump


I am not big on jumping at all! Not because I have a fear of heights, its the fear I have of the fall. Anything that involves flying, or jumping is out of the question. Personally I think airplanes are to complex, bungie jumping is stupid and careless, and there is nothing at the top of a mountain that requires my attention.

I truly believe in keeping my feet firmly on solid ground.

With that being said, the biggest risk I would add to my risk/bucket list would be relocating to Portland, Maine. There are many pros of residing in maine which I truly love. One pro is that the crime rate is extremely low. This would provide a peaceful atmosphere for me to raise my children, who are always at the forefront of my mind. The reoccurring dream that I tend to have about Maine is beautiful! It involves me sitting on my front porch and sipping ice cold lemonade watching the sun set on the horizon.The fact that my family and I would have a new place to explore is exciting! However, it is also a risk to take moving so far away from my family. With everything to do within the world I think relocating to Portland, Maine is the risk worth “jumping” for.


2 thoughts on “Might As Well Jump

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