Home Made Butter

This is for those of you who like me get confused about which butter is which at the grocery store.
I am always standing there trying to figure which is best, of fresher or even the one I last chose.
Then I came across this recipe on pinterest, and it is great. I call it butter just right.
It is so very easy. All you need is whipping cream, a jar with a tight fitting lid, a bowl, and salt or sugar.
Let the whipping cream sit on your counter for about 2 hours at complete room temperature,
Pour until the jar is half full. Close the jar tightly and shake about 7 to 15 min. Once the butter forms pour off the whey pour your clunk of butter in a bowl and rinse under gently flowing cold water until the water runs clear. Use a spoon and gently mash the butter to get all the whey bubbles out and pour it off. Then put a pinch of salt for lightly salted, or two pinches of sugar for sweet cream and mix it in. And you’re done, store it in the fridge,and enjoy.

Leave a comment, let me know how this recipe works for you and if you enjoy it.
Thank you, Creativeliving 1 self Sufficient Single Mother


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