Hello World, and all single mothers! Starting this blog will hopefully allow mothers single, or married a place to learn new ideas as well as build a community! As a single mother I play both roles of mother and father in my children’s lives. In total I have 10, yes 10 children! Although 4 are grown and own their own, 6 still reside at home. Their ages range from 3-20 years old.
As you can already imagine been a single mother to 10 children has ultimately left me no choice but to become self sufficient! It is no longer a chore to manage my home but now a way of life, which I embrace to the fullest. Throughout the years of being a mother I have learned a lot of tips of tricks along the way. In the beginning it wasn’t as easy as it is now. As every mother knows, there is no right way to parenting or managing your home. You pick what suits your family and run with it.
I do as many repairs around my home that I can. Even though I am a girly girl at heart, I do not mind getting my hands dirty! I spend a lot of time at home with my children, so as any stay at home mother you can imagine the projects that I get myself into! So come along on this newfound journey of mine where I no longer keep all of my creative talent inside, but I share it with all of you.



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