Fly On The Wall

If I could be a fly on the wall, I would land on the wall in my sisters house get all the juicy gossip without having to be a witness to hearing. She has been the town gossip for as long as I can remember, and knows all and everyone’s business.(lol)
Next I would fly on over to the White House and hear all the legal matters and dire straights of just how bad our economy is in, you know all the things that would cause world panic if we knew!!
The things that are probably being kept secret.
Then I would make my way to the section of the FBI secret services, the area that has information about Aliens, appearances, captures, or documented sightings. I WANT TO KNOW!!!
I would be one busy fly, because I would want to know all the things that has been a curious question in my mind for as long as I can remember.
Then to the stock markets and find out the most worthy stocks that would bring a good profit, invest in them and diversify my assets. I am sure all is not being told!!!!!
Does and has man ever been to the moon? I find it very hard to believe since there is suppose to be no oxygen on the moon, and it takes 25 light years to even reach the outer crust of Earth to travel outside it’s atmosphere. So I would next be on my way to NASA, to land on the wall there and get facts as to whether it was all a desert simulation, or truth. I would want facts, and at the end of my wall landing journey I would be one educated “FLY.”


Flip Flop

I use to be extremely afraid of death, I mean even the mention of the word and I would go ballistic. Then January 2008 my sister that raised me died, well I’m jumping ahead of the story, so I will start at the beginning.
I didn’t know Mary, my next to the eldest sister was sick until my sister Lillian called me and told me that she had cancer, and the Doctor was calling in the family. She said every family member were taking turns caring for her as she refused to spend her last days in the hospital. I immediately started making arrangements to move to North Carolina where she was living to do my part.
I stayed with Mary all through the week so I had first hand experience on death, spiritual strength, and losing my fear of death. I owe it all to Mary, my sister.
I arrived at her house October 4, 2010, and thank God I got to spend 3 months with her before she died. I questioned her so much about death and even told her my fears, which she already knew about. She calmed me with her words and strength. She had no fear whatever. She even apologized about asking the other sisters and family members not to tell me about her illness.
I live in Louisville, Kentucky and she was concerned that the shock of her illness would be to much for me to bare so far away and no family around to comfort me. All I could think while she was talking was, “she is concerned about everyone else yet she is the one dying.”
Anyway on January 8th around 2:45 a.m. I was asleep on the sofa in the room where Hospice had set up for Mary, my other sisters and brother where sleeping in the same room on different pieces of furniture and even the floor. We had been informed by Hospice that she wouldn’t make it another day. She had begun turning color and doing what is called the death moan. A loud high pitched moan that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Then I heard her call my name, real soft. I opened my eyes and realized it was quiet, her moaning had stopped. Then I heard her call my name again, I could see her face clearly by the light of the street light shinning through the window. I got up and walked slowly to her bed and she reached out and took my hand and began to thank me for coming to be with her. The strange thing was as I was staring right at her mouth, I never once saw her lips move. Yet I could clearly hear her every word, with my heart.
I slowly sat down in the chair beside her bed, and holding her hand I cried softly. As Mary finished talking she told me to write it all down, she said “you know how you always write poems, well put it in pretty words for me. Then she started moaning loudly again as if I were no longer there.
I went back to the sofa and silently cried myself to sleep.
That next day there was a different look about her, she no longer recognized anyone, and even her moaning was different.
Then around 1:54 in the afternoon Mary died while holding my hand.
I was sad to lose the sister that loved me above all others, the one that raised me along with her own children yet treated me no different. But there was no fear of death whatsoever.
After her body was removed my sister that I stayed with on the weekend and I returned to her house and around the same time, 2:45 a.m. I felt someone gently shaking me awake. Then I heard Mary’s voice say “Reks write it all down.”
I got up got pen and paper and begun to do as I was told even without fear. In the form of a poem: I call “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”. Mary’s Whisper”

Early in the morning,
Mary whispered, “Reks come here.”
I have something to tell you,
But my words won’t be very clear.

I got up from the sofa,
And stood beside her bed.
I listened to every word,
That Mary’s heart whisper said.

She whispered real soft words,
Using just her heart.
She said,”this has come the time,
The day that I depart.”

I thank you baby for coming,
It wouldn’t have been the same.
Living so far away,
You wouldn’t have heard me whisper your name.

I sat down and held her hand,
I was afraid to just let go.
I didn’t want to tell her,
That her words had hurt me so.

I went throughout the morning,
Wondering when would be the time,
With Mary’s heart whispered words,
Weighing heavy on my mind.

I walked around and socialized,
Comforted family and friend.
Then I went back to Mary’s bed,
And felt that hurt again.

I thought of all the stages of death,
I’d read about in that book.
And realized her eyes,
Had taken that permanent look.

It was then I finally excepted,
My sisters going to die.
I rubbed her arm,held her hand,
And softly began to cry.

As Mary’s breathing shallower,
I saw her take her last breath.
Her heart whispered to me even then,
Not thinking of herself.

Cry baby sister, get it all out,
Your pain will ease some tomorrow.
Remember the words my heart whispered to you,
Because “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.”

After I finished writing sitting there at the kitchen table at my sisters house, I felt at peace. I lay my head down on the table and slept, no more tears.
Then I felt someone gently shaking me, I slowly awoke and my sister that I was staying with was standing there with my poem book in her hand and crying. She said she say the whole thing from when I walked over to Mary’s bed and even when Mary reached up and took my hand. She said she felt that it was an out of body spiritual experience so she kept quiet.

So the FLIP FLOP in my life is no more fear of death. Only a peaceful elation that there is a joy in another side of life.

Thank you, Creativeliving 1 Single Mother

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror.

when I look in the mirror I see a cliche’ image of the little girl I use to be. I am the seventh child of (5) sisters and (1) brother. They are all much older than me so I had a pretty lonely childhood. I was practically invisible, none of them played with me or tolerated me very much. They all had their own little partnership clic, my eldest and sister under her were best friends, the next two were loners and didn’t like each other. Yet neither liked me. I was pushed aside, neglected, and ignored. So I made my own friends, not imaginary, but grass, my early years I was raised in North Carolina and their is a kind of grass that grows there called blade grass. It is fun to play with (no I didn’t go crazy from my loneliness)lol. I use to call this grass braid grass, because you can actually braid it as you would your own hair. So in my yard you would see about a hundred braided puffs of grass with whatever I could find to tie around it and call it a ribbon. My next best friends were sticks, I would find the weirdest shaped sticks and make people out of them, I even stole scissors and different articles of clothing and dressed them up. Their names were Molly Stick Up, Tommy Tomato Head, Paula Pickle Feet, And Annie Acorn. I spent hours in a day playing with my friends and unless I went inside and said I was hungry, it was as if I didn’t exist because no one cared.
Then the best thing happened, my next to the oldest sister got married and moved to New York. She took me with her, and raised me with her family. I finally became someone and wasn’t invisible anymore. My life had meaning, everything became beautiful for me after that. I even made friends that wasn’t grass or sticks. Then one day my sister sat me down and explained the things leading to my childhood loneliness and it suddenly all made sense. It’s a family secret that I’m not ready to share. Yet after that I felt a joy inside and a happiness that helped me put it all behind and go on to have a fun life. So When I Look In The Mirror I may see the little girl I use to be, but the woman I am shines through.

Double Compost Barrels And Spinner Rack


2-20 gallon barrels
2-5/8″IDx1/2″ wall R3.2 25/50 fm (092362)
1 3/4 inch hole saw bit
1/8 inch drill bit
2- 3″ 7.6cm hinges
Power drill 2 drawer catches
2- 5/16×1 3/8×2 1/2 inch u-shaped screws with bolts
2- 10x32x2 inch screws with bolts
2-7/8″ 10d sinker
4- 1 1/4 inch PVC spacer/coupler
1- 1 inch x 5ft PVC pipe
2- 2x6x8 top choice boards
1/2 gallon rust oleum paint (optional) exterior weather resistant
Tape measure
Philip screw driver
Hand saw or skill saw


Using a hand saw or (saw of your choice) cut your barrels 3 inches from the top, this creates a lid for fill/empty access. Then cut your 5/8×1/2 inch wall 46 3/4 inches. Attach the wall strip to the barrel (make sure to position it correctly because once the adhesive connects it is impossible to re adjust it. Now attach the 3″ hinge right on top of the wall, drill your holes right through it. Attach the lid to the barrel, attach the drawer catch to the front of the lid play around with the bottom piece of the catch and adjust it so when hooked and snapped it pulls the lid tight to assure no spillage when spinning. Now you are ready to drill the holes for the 1 inch x 5ft PVC pipe. Using a 1 3/4 inch hole saw drill bit, drill your holes right in the center between the top and bottom of your barrel. This is for even spin when the tumbler is full of compost. If the holes are to close to the top, instead of spinning the barrel will just rock to and fro.
Now, unless you barrel is already dark, the next step is painting it a dark color. Dark colors draws heat and helps your compost material cook and break down quicker. All done with the com poster, now on to the spinner stand.
Cut your 2x6x8 inch boards in half 4ft each. Using your 1 3/4 inch hole saw bit, drill holes through 3 pieces of your 4 ft boards. ( save the 4th 4ft board for another project)
When you drill the holes be sure to leave plenty of room at the bottom for spinning. Cut your 2- 2x4x8 inch boards 47 3/4 inches, cut the 2 left over pieces 3 ft. These two 3 ft pieces will be your stabilizer legs. I have step by step building pictures that follow, it is easier to follow the pictures, this is a very easy project.

I got my barrels at the car detailing shop by my house, they were free. They use to contain armor all car wash solution. I had to take steps to make them food safe. First I rinsed them thoroughly with hot water until it ran clear. Next I filled them with hot water added 1/2 cup in each and let them soak for 48 hours. After this I rinsed again with hot water, and wash really good with a mild dish liquid. Again rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Now fill this time using warm water and white distilled vinegar, let it sit over night. If the vinegar water solution is still clear by morning, the containers are food safe. But, if the water solution has a light brown color( like the color of really weak tea) their are still some wash solution and you should do the cleansing process again. Fortunately for me these washed out nicely and passed the food safe test.







We Can Be Taught

We Can Be Taught

I have been on my own since I was 17 years old, that also was when I had my first child. It isn’t an experience that I’m proud of. Although I would want that same child, I wish I had waited until I was older. But the destiny of our lives is already predicted by a higher power. So I survived the early motherhood, and even learned my strength at an early age. I put aside all teen activity that didn’t include my son, and instead involved him in every aspect of my life. As I adapted to a routine on a daily basis, it started to become fun and easy. It was hard, I was still in high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. And had a studio apt. On Prospect Ave. in the Bronx. I graduated high school with a 4.0 average and attended college on an academic scholarship. Strength, that’s what the experience taught me, and endurance . It moulded me into the serious minded adult that I am today, I am no where near perfect, and still make mistakes as a Mother, but I keep faced forward.
I have through the years learned from my children, not to be harsh in punishment, they are in titled to mistakes also. To be there when they fall or mess up, as my sister was there for me. And to know when to let go, I chose the path of my life so I can’t live precariously through there’s. I,though not wanting to toot my own horn, am very proud of the way my life turned out. It could not have been possible without that Higher Power and strength. It also taught me to give credit where credit is due. Thank you GOD.

Ha Ha Ha


Late one night while I was driving home from doing some late shopping, you know taking advantage of the stores while they are not crowded. I noticed all the traffic in front slowing and swerving around something in the street. When I reached the area in question, I saw that it was a small cooler, the kind that would hold a six pack of pop or whatever, in the street. I clicked on my emergency blinkers and all the time wondering why no one else got out and removed it out of the way. Then pulling over to the medium, I looked inside the cooler and saw by my vans headlights that inside there was ice and sitting directly on top of the ice was a “toe”. I gagged and wondered what to do. I bet you are wondering what I did also, well, I called a toe (tow) truck!!!! Ha Ha Ha

Moment Of Kindness

Moment Of Kindness

This happened oh maybe about a month ago. I was practically broke, well I had $23. I was in Wal-Mart picking up some things for my little dog, and mis-calculated the total. The cashier said $31.64 I thought I would swallow my tongue. That was $9 more than I had, and it wasn’t all things for my dog, I also had some foodstuff. I didn’t want to hold up the line even though there was only one person behind me, a man. So I apologized and told the cashier how much I had and asked if she could deduct items until the amount coincided. She was very helpful, he was very patient. Then the most amazing thing happened, he, who had been looking at one of the magazines that are at the end of all registers, put the book down and said, “excuse me, I don’t mean to meddle, but are you having to put things back?” I said, “yes, but it’s ok. He said, no don’t worry, I got this and he asked the cashier if she remembered how many times he had been in the same predicament, she laughed and said no I lost count. He then told her to add the rest of my items to his order. I have never had such kindness bestowed upon me. I thanked him and had tears in my eyes. It was a most touching moment.