I have a very busy day and lifestyle, yet I find time quite often for a pleasure that truly defines me . That pleasure is writing poetry, God graciously gave me the ability to bring forth words from my heart, and make them rhyme and flow. I have been writing poetry since I was 12 years old, and have quite a collection. I remember writing my first poem and reading it to my Grandma, and she said “child you have the gift”. She is long gone from my life,but her words have been encouragement throughout my life. This poem I share with you was written by me and dedicated to my Grandma Annie. It’s called “When My Granny Speaks”

    My Granny use to tell me,
    About life of a different kind.
    I really didn’t know it,
    But her words stayed in my mind.

    Then today in church the Pastor,
    Spoke words that are so true.
    A voice inside my head said”Reks”,
    Your Granny’s speaking to you.

    She use to say “child tell your secrets,
    Tell them all if you please.”
    But your troubles and tribulations,
    Speak them only on your knees.

    Those you take to your Father in Heaven,
    Speak to him, he can hear.
    He’ll always be there for you,
    With a very compassionate ear.

    My Granny’s words have gone round and round,
    In my head for a couple of weeks.
    Now I’m quiet and waiting patiently,
    For “When My Granny Speaks”.
    By: Henrietta Reks Taylor
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    So, yes my Tagline would be poets, for the flow of inspirational words. For the comfort these words can bring to one who is down, depressed, or just having a nostalgic day. May my poem bring all who read it joy and give you a more in depth view of me. God Bless!!


Might As Well Jump

Might As Well Jump


I am not big on jumping at all! Not because I have a fear of heights, its the fear I have of the fall. Anything that involves flying, or jumping is out of the question. Personally I think airplanes are to complex, bungie jumping is stupid and careless, and there is nothing at the top of a mountain that requires my attention.

I truly believe in keeping my feet firmly on solid ground.

With that being said, the biggest risk I would add to my risk/bucket list would be relocating to Portland, Maine. There are many pros of residing in maine which I truly love. One pro is that the crime rate is extremely low. This would provide a peaceful atmosphere for me to raise my children, who are always at the forefront of my mind. The reoccurring dream that I tend to have about Maine is beautiful! It involves me sitting on my front porch and sipping ice cold lemonade watching the sun set on the horizon.The fact that my family and I would have a new place to explore is exciting! However, it is also a risk to take moving so far away from my family. With everything to do within the world I think relocating to Portland, Maine is the risk worth “jumping” for.



I use to be an avid book reader, now there are so many other things that occupy my time that I very seldom get to enjoy that luxury. The most recent book I read was The Soldiers Story by Michael Phillips. A very warm story about the Shenandoah Sisters, and a must read, but only if you find both books. The first is “A Perilous Proposal. Both are very addictive good reads, so happy page turning.

Singing In The Rain

Singing In The Rain

I am an outdoorsy person, so rainy days bore me to no end, but I figured out a way to make it work. I have a huge six car garage that i use for cookouts or kids play on hot days. So on a rainy day I use it as a work shop for plant preparation, building things or and this is the best part, I pull up a chair and just sit there and listen to the rain on the aluminum roof and nod out. Unless it starts thundering or lightning I can short sleep like this for hours, yummmm!!!

Take Care

take care

When I am unwell I soldier on, I have 4 young children depending on me daily. I have chores that demand my attention on a daily basis, such as those small children and chickens. Which are extremely demanding, just I don’t like to put my motherly duties on my other children to often. I have to be really ill before I give up and ask for help from my daughters. I thank God that I haven’t been so ill that i needed anyone to step in and do my duties.
I use short cut meals as a once in a while treat, so 90% of my meals are home cooking from scratch. Even though my daughter is a very good cook, I love this part of the day. Which means, I do not intend to give this motherly duty up often. Cooking is a great passion of mine, gourmet cooking especially. So yes, I usually soldier any illness.