What’s to be expected

This first blog post is just the beginning of many post. Before I begin I would like to break down the content that will be on my blogging site. Within this blog I really want to focus on content that you the reader as well as I enjoy. So please feel free to leave request, as well as participate in the weekly polls, which will be derived from the request and comments I receive.
The categories on my site will include (but are not limited to)…

– Organic Living:
~ Gardening techniques as well as tutorials on how I maintain my little patch of Earth.
~ Review on various organic products, as well as a haul…or two 😉
*As I embark on this life change please do not hesitate to educate me on what you guys know about living organically.

– Kitchen creations: Cooking has always been a passion of mine. I cant wait to share that passion with you!
~ Recipes and cooking tutorials
~ Bi- weekly reviews
~ Holiday/ party meal planning
~ Kitchen organization tips

– Home Management: As a single mother task around the house can pile up. Learn how I simplify these and make life easer for my family.
~ Home maintenance (repairs & up keeps)
~ House management binder setups
~ DIY tutorials

– Parenting: This category will contain all things related to parents.