Self sufficient single mother

I took a much needed break, since I assume the title mom and dad I took a break for each of us, lol. Now I am back and very refreshed. So all my followers I will have something good posted for you and thanks for being there.


How To: Herb Shelf


I recently told everyone that I would keep you posted on the building of my three tier herb rack. Well, it’s finished and it turned out really good. I have pictures following. It was very easy, I used wood left over from my chicken coop. All wood material used was purchased at Lowe’s. I used three Mainstay under the window flower planters I bought at Wal-Mart. I even painted it the same barn red as the chicken coop so everything is color coordinated.

Step 1: I had no plan or measurements, but I knew that the shelf had to resemble actual steps,
It easy if you cut both pieces together to assure they are they same measurements.


Step 2: Use 2×4 board cut to 47 inches each piece, these will be your back legs

Step 3: Nail the 2×4 to the top of your steps

Step 4: Now nail 1 of your 18 inch 2×4 boards in between the top part of your shelf, and the other
18 inch 2×4 board in between the bottom of your shelf. These will hold it steady, and keep your planter containers from falling over.


That’s it guys, you have your herb shelf. All that’s left is to paint it, or not. The natural wood is fine also. But if you decide to paint, make sure to use an outdoor paint. Rustoleum is a very good
Brand for this project, one coat and weather resistant. 4 easy steps to having herbs all throughout
The winter. You can even bring your planters indoors when the weather is really rough.


Happy Father’s Day (from self sufficient single mom).

Father’s Day use to be the day I fixed dinner for my husband and relaxed with him and the children, but he is here no more and I am both mother and father. Now I fix dinner for myself and don’t get to relax until my little ones go to bed. Beautiful!!! Is how it all feel. I am blessed and just wanted to share some of the joy of it with all you double parenting Mom’s. hang in there a greater reward is coming. Bless all