We Can Be Taught

We Can Be Taught

I have been on my own since I was 17 years old, that also was when I had my first child. It isn’t an experience that I’m proud of. Although I would want that same child, I wish I had waited until I was older. But the destiny of our lives is already predicted by a higher power. So I survived the early motherhood, and even learned my strength at an early age. I put aside all teen activity that didn’t include my son, and instead involved him in every aspect of my life. As I adapted to a routine on a daily basis, it started to become fun and easy. It was hard, I was still in high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. And had a studio apt. On Prospect Ave. in the Bronx. I graduated high school with a 4.0 average and attended college on an academic scholarship. Strength, that’s what the experience taught me, and endurance . It moulded me into the serious minded adult that I am today, I am no where near perfect, and still make mistakes as a Mother, but I keep faced forward.
I have through the years learned from my children, not to be harsh in punishment, they are in titled to mistakes also. To be there when they fall or mess up, as my sister was there for me. And to know when to let go, I chose the path of my life so I can’t live precariously through there’s. I,though not wanting to toot my own horn, am very proud of the way my life turned out. It could not have been possible without that Higher Power and strength. It also taught me to give credit where credit is due. Thank you GOD.


My Recipe For Fried Green Tomatoes

Hello fellow post people, I am going to share my fried green tomato recipe with you.
Although I was raised in Brooklyn, New York, I was born in North Carolina and country roots are strong. I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as I do. It is very easy:


1 large or medium sized green tomato
1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1/2 cup of plain white enriched cornmeal
2 large eggs(for drench only)
Sea Salt (for seasoning after you cook the tomatoes)
Black pepper

Slice your tomato, I used a mandolin so each slice is about the same size. Spread them out, and sprinkle them lightly with salt, this will draw the water from the slices, and will help the cornmeal cling instead of falling off. While the tomatoes are resting with the paper towel over them, mix the dry ingredients: stir to assure even mixture. Heat oil in skillet, do not fry them on on high, keep temp at medium for even browning. High will allow them to fry to fast, leaving a well done outer and a undercooked tomato. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl or dish that is easy to use for drenching. You are now ready to fry!! First drench the tomato in the egg, next the cornmeal mixture (use one hand for the wet drench, and the other for the dry drench that way you don’t get to much of either in the other). When the edges show a little golden color flip them on the other side, sprinkle a little sea salt or salt of your choice on the done side right in the skillet. When this side is done place them on a paper towel to drain any remaining oil, and continue cooking the remaining tomatoes. One large tomato will give you about 10 slices if you use a mandolin.
Now eat and enjoy, leave me a comment to let me know if you like this recipe.





My next DIY project: self sufficient single mom

I hope every one enjoy my herb shelf post. I already have another project lined up, it’s a double composting spinner. Follow my blog for step by step building instructions and ideas.

Being single and self sufficient has it’s advantages, it gets hard sometimes, yet enjoyable at the same time. I get lots of ideas from posts on Pinterest, take what I see and incorporate my way.
Bless all you single parents out there, and let’s always share to make each others load easier.

Thank you, Reks T. Creativeliving1.Wordpress.com

How To: Herb Shelf


I recently told everyone that I would keep you posted on the building of my three tier herb rack. Well, it’s finished and it turned out really good. I have pictures following. It was very easy, I used wood left over from my chicken coop. All wood material used was purchased at Lowe’s. I used three Mainstay under the window flower planters I bought at Wal-Mart. I even painted it the same barn red as the chicken coop so everything is color coordinated.

Step 1: I had no plan or measurements, but I knew that the shelf had to resemble actual steps,
It easy if you cut both pieces together to assure they are they same measurements.


Step 2: Use 2×4 board cut to 47 inches each piece, these will be your back legs

Step 3: Nail the 2×4 to the top of your steps

Step 4: Now nail 1 of your 18 inch 2×4 boards in between the top part of your shelf, and the other
18 inch 2×4 board in between the bottom of your shelf. These will hold it steady, and keep your planter containers from falling over.


That’s it guys, you have your herb shelf. All that’s left is to paint it, or not. The natural wood is fine also. But if you decide to paint, make sure to use an outdoor paint. Rustoleum is a very good
Brand for this project, one coat and weather resistant. 4 easy steps to having herbs all throughout
The winter. You can even bring your planters indoors when the weather is really rough.


Ha Ha Ha


Late one night while I was driving home from doing some late shopping, you know taking advantage of the stores while they are not crowded. I noticed all the traffic in front slowing and swerving around something in the street. When I reached the area in question, I saw that it was a small cooler, the kind that would hold a six pack of pop or whatever, in the street. I clicked on my emergency blinkers and all the time wondering why no one else got out and removed it out of the way. Then pulling over to the medium, I looked inside the cooler and saw by my vans headlights that inside there was ice and sitting directly on top of the ice was a “toe”. I gagged and wondered what to do. I bet you are wondering what I did also, well, I called a toe (tow) truck!!!! Ha Ha Ha

Moment Of Kindness

Moment Of Kindness

This happened oh maybe about a month ago. I was practically broke, well I had $23. I was in Wal-Mart picking up some things for my little dog, and mis-calculated the total. The cashier said $31.64 I thought I would swallow my tongue. That was $9 more than I had, and it wasn’t all things for my dog, I also had some foodstuff. I didn’t want to hold up the line even though there was only one person behind me, a man. So I apologized and told the cashier how much I had and asked if she could deduct items until the amount coincided. She was very helpful, he was very patient. Then the most amazing thing happened, he, who had been looking at one of the magazines that are at the end of all registers, put the book down and said, “excuse me, I don’t mean to meddle, but are you having to put things back?” I said, “yes, but it’s ok. He said, no don’t worry, I got this and he asked the cashier if she remembered how many times he had been in the same predicament, she laughed and said no I lost count. He then told her to add the rest of my items to his order. I have never had such kindness bestowed upon me. I thanked him and had tears in my eyes. It was a most touching moment.