Fly On The Wall

If I could be a fly on the wall, I would land on the wall in my sisters house get all the juicy gossip without having to be a witness to hearing. She has been the town gossip for as long as I can remember, and knows all and everyone’s business.(lol)
Next I would fly on over to the White House and hear all the legal matters and dire straights of just how bad our economy is in, you know all the things that would cause world panic if we knew!!
The things that are probably being kept secret.
Then I would make my way to the section of the FBI secret services, the area that has information about Aliens, appearances, captures, or documented sightings. I WANT TO KNOW!!!
I would be one busy fly, because I would want to know all the things that has been a curious question in my mind for as long as I can remember.
Then to the stock markets and find out the most worthy stocks that would bring a good profit, invest in them and diversify my assets. I am sure all is not being told!!!!!
Does and has man ever been to the moon? I find it very hard to believe since there is suppose to be no oxygen on the moon, and it takes 25 light years to even reach the outer crust of Earth to travel outside it’s atmosphere. So I would next be on my way to NASA, to land on the wall there and get facts as to whether it was all a desert simulation, or truth. I would want facts, and at the end of my wall landing journey I would be one educated “FLY.”


Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror.

when I look in the mirror I see a cliche’ image of the little girl I use to be. I am the seventh child of (5) sisters and (1) brother. They are all much older than me so I had a pretty lonely childhood. I was practically invisible, none of them played with me or tolerated me very much. They all had their own little partnership clic, my eldest and sister under her were best friends, the next two were loners and didn’t like each other. Yet neither liked me. I was pushed aside, neglected, and ignored. So I made my own friends, not imaginary, but grass, my early years I was raised in North Carolina and their is a kind of grass that grows there called blade grass. It is fun to play with (no I didn’t go crazy from my loneliness)lol. I use to call this grass braid grass, because you can actually braid it as you would your own hair. So in my yard you would see about a hundred braided puffs of grass with whatever I could find to tie around it and call it a ribbon. My next best friends were sticks, I would find the weirdest shaped sticks and make people out of them, I even stole scissors and different articles of clothing and dressed them up. Their names were Molly Stick Up, Tommy Tomato Head, Paula Pickle Feet, And Annie Acorn. I spent hours in a day playing with my friends and unless I went inside and said I was hungry, it was as if I didn’t exist because no one cared.
Then the best thing happened, my next to the oldest sister got married and moved to New York. She took me with her, and raised me with her family. I finally became someone and wasn’t invisible anymore. My life had meaning, everything became beautiful for me after that. I even made friends that wasn’t grass or sticks. Then one day my sister sat me down and explained the things leading to my childhood loneliness and it suddenly all made sense. It’s a family secret that I’m not ready to share. Yet after that I felt a joy inside and a happiness that helped me put it all behind and go on to have a fun life. So When I Look In The Mirror I may see the little girl I use to be, but the woman I am shines through.